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Hi everybody just reply me to Email ID- I will help to you free of charges so Please reply me I will solve your Issue. I am with you so do not worry contact me i will surily help you out I know the way to handle them. And keep one point in mind you people do not know how to recover money but I know very well how to recover from them being indian. so first contact me I will follow my step next Regards Raj Read more

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2500 for a website that didnt work threw it in bin. 300 bucks for every time we wanted a change. 500 a year for hosting. 150 for my own domain which they stole of me. Almost 4 grand down the drain and i have nothing to show for it. Stay away at all costs.

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BusinessProdesigns - Theft, Lying and extremely pushy sales
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Business Pro Designs contacted me with regard to making my website user friendly for Notepads, Android phones and in general, Smart Phone capable. They even went so far as to send me keywords to use in my text on my webpages. That is where it all ended. They never delivered a product and when trying to contact them, a recorded message says "Nobody is available to take your call at the moment". This company is BAD NEWS and being based in India,... Read more

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Caution! do not work with this company. I am from India and I warn you, do not. The initial site they build may look good. Then in 6 months your site will stop working. They will charge you $250 usd for WordPress update and then they will never fix your site. Do not be fooled by the price for the original site. You will be robbed in the end. KEEP AWAY FROM BUSINESSPRO. They are basically thieves from India and your hands are tied to do... Read more

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They seemed very professional at first, but as soon as they took all of our money within the first 2.5 months, they kept sending us apps with errors and apps that never worked. Now, a year and a half after we started an app that was supposed to be finished 2.5 months later, still we haven't received a working app. They kept sending us apps with errors to trick us into thinking they were working on it. They are a bunch of thieves. DO NOT GIVE... Read more

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Worst service, bad result, wasting money and time, BEWARE! I hired the Business Pro Designs aka BPD aka Business Pro Technologies aka BPT on former Elance freelancers website (currently Upwork) in August 2012 to develop mobile ecards application on Android, with web backend. The initial sum of deal was about $5000 , that was increased by about $3000 during the development, due to some additional features I asked to add to original product... Read more

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I had BusinessProdesigns build a very simple website for me. They failed to get it working correctly. They are incompetent and failed to deliver on the very basics that was promised. They are concerned with getting your money and as soon as they do, it is bye bye.... I wish there was a way to get this company to be responsible for the work that they are paid for. They do not have any locations in UK or anything like that. Read more

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BusinessPro Designs is the worst company I have ever done business with. Do not do any business with this company, if you want to lose your money. I repeat do not do any business with this company. My project was slated to be be completed by the middle/end of Feb 2016 - it never even made ,it out of the mockup/GUI phase. Within that time, I had 3 key people leave the company, all whom I later found out were not being paid by BusinessPro... Read more

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This company designed our website. We were promised that it would be done tin two weeks, instead, it took six months and hundreds of e-mails and phone calls. Then, the service was non-existing after the project was completed. They played game for months about solving the problems.You could not even get a manager or person in charge to talk to because the woman answering the phone would only put you thru to the guy who had interest in solving the... Read more

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I used Business Prodesigns to design my website. The budget ran to US$6000, project managers were changed a couple times. Deadlines were missed for the past approximately 18 months, work done not according to the specification. To date, I am sitting with a website with errors. To get errors being fixed, took forever. I have not seen my return on investment yet as my website is live, but with errors. No understanding of what ecommerce entails,... Read more

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